HP 125
Attacks with claw strike, jump attack. Very fast.


HP 40
Attacks with sonic charge. Increases its damage by grouping up in squads with other hounds.


HP 90
Attacks with self-homing hornets. Has armored parts of his torso.

Atomic Hound

HP 40
Attacks with pyromancy charge. Increases its damage by grouping up in squads with other hounds.


HP 100
Attacks with gut throw, claw strike. Has wide-spread attack.


HP 80
Attacks with electric rings and ball lightning. Ball lightning is a self-homing attack.

Pit Drone

HP 70
Attacks with spikes and claw strike. Drone projectiles are very fast.


HP 500
Attacks with two miniguns firepower. Has a shell protecting from bullets and melee attacks.


HP 60
Attacks with acid spit, bite and tail whip. Can rush towards enemies.


HP 45
Attacks with electric charge and claw strike. Needs less time to charge as wave increases.


HP 80
Attacks with shock projectiles and spore grenades. Can crouch.


HP 10000
Attacks with two flamethrowers and ground stomp. Immune to fire damage.

All values of HP here are initial, it means HP will grow as wave increases.

After wave 25 monsters can have buffs (except when it’s Boss Wave*), when it happens it’s called “Unique Wave”.
Here is the list of all monster buffs:

  • Poisonous – monster attack will be poisoned, poison deals to player 10 damage over 10 seconds;
  • Radioactive – all players in radius 512 units will lose 2% of their health every 2 seconds;
  • Toxic – monster attack will be toxic, toxin deals to player 10 damage over 4 seconds;
  • Burning – monster attack will burn up players, burning deals to player 20 damage over 4 seconds;
  • Freezing – monster attack will freeze players making them move slower and dealing them 12 damage over 6 seconds;
  • Tough – tough monsters will have double hit points;
  • Invisible – invisible monsters have a thick aura around them, it’s the only way to detect them;
  • Healing – healing monsters have a healing aura, restoring 4% hit points to all monsters in 512 units radius;
  • Lunatic – lunatic monsters are 25% faster.

​* Boss Wave – Pantagruel spawns each fifth wave. After wave 50 even Boss Wave can be unique.