What is Information Pages?

It is a site about Base Defense modification. Since the game can be difficult for newcomers I decided to create some information database about it. The site contains not really much information yet, but I will try to make it more informative and keep it up to date.

What is Base Defense?

It is a modification for Half-Life based on horde-style and RPG systems. You need to choose your class, then join the fight against most dangerous aliens which are hunting you. There are 3 player classes in the game. Every class has it’s own abilities and traits. You can be killing machine, strong support for your teammates or become the golden mean between those roles. In game you can get different items from the strongest monsters: helmets, armor and trinkets with magic powers. As you kill monsters you will get experience points and level ups.

Make your own epic character build and experience the most challenging battles!

Game Plot

The war of good and evil was interrupted by alien invasion. Demons ran off, angels got back to heaven. Only humans left, surrounded by aliens. Here come 3 characters called defenders. They send all the humans to another realm, which is causing the merger of past and actual times. All events in the game are happening after the merger.

Development Story

The mod has its page on a great website called ModDB. If you never seen it, then I suggest you to take a look at it. You are able to find a lot of interesting information about the mod and a bunch of old screenshots. You can see how the game changed over time.

View Base Defense on ModDB